Getting started

Source Code

First of all, download the source code of the Matlab toolbox.


Source code is hosted at Github.


Download source code as a .zip file.


To have more details about the use of the toolbox, please have a look to :


Path management

Run the following Matlab script and answer ‘y’ or ‘yes’ to add path to the Matlab search paths:


The Matlab function used to set the Matlab search paths is: path_management.m

The GUIs

Run one of these Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) to play with the toolbox.

Matlab function Features YAML config. file
demo Start and run other GUIs.  
EBSD map GUI Analysis of slip transmission across GBs for an EBSD map. config_gui_EBSDmap_defaults.yaml
Bicrystal GUI Analysis of slip transfer in a bicrystal.  
preCPFE_SX Preprocess of CPFE models for indentation or scratch in a SX. config_CPFEM_defaults.yaml
preCPFE_BX Preprocess of CPFE models for indentation or scratch in a BX. config_CPFEM_defaults.yaml
GBinc Calculation of grain boundaries inclination.  

Figure 3 The different GUIs of the STABiX toolbox.


‘SX’ is used for single crystal and ‘BX’ for bicrystal.

The YAML configuration files

“YAML is a human friendly data serialization standard for all programming languages.”

Default YAML configuration files, stored in the folder yaml_config_files, are loaded automatically to set the GUIs :

You have to set your own YAML configuration files, by following instructions given in this README.


If you create your own YAML configuration files after running STABiX, you have to run again the path_management.m Matlab function.

Visit the YAML website for more informations.

Visit the YAML code for Matlab.

MTEX toolbox

For some options and functions implemented in the STABiX toolbox, you have to download and to install the MTEX Toolbox.


If the OpenGL rendering is not satisfying, you can modify the corresponding option in the config.yaml file.

Visit the Matlab page about OpenGL rendering.